How to Install Updates on Palm Pixi

Here are easy steps to updates your Palm Pixi.

Palm Pixi
  • 1Open the "Updates" icon
  • 2 A message box should pop up that explains the available updates.
  • 3 Press the "Download Now" icon and follow the quick command prompts
  • 4 Press the "Install Now" button and press "Done" after it has automatically installed
  • 5 This process will install one update but you will also see instances when multiple updates are available.
  • 6 After the first update has installed, open up the "App Catalog"
    (view details on all of your different applications)
  • 7 Select either "Install Free" or "Install All" to update any available applications.
  • 8 You should be aware that if you click to "Install All", you may need to pay charges for these updates. That is why it may be a good idea to just update the free applications

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