How to Reset Palm Pixi Factory Default Setting

All data backup data are recommended. Following these instructions is at your own risk.

Palm Pixi
  • 1Open Device Info
  • 2 Click Reset Options (Choose one option from the following steps)
  • 3 Touch ERASE APPS AND DATA twice (To erase any applications from App Catalog)
  • 4 Touch ERASE USB DRIVE (To erase all files stored in USB drive storage)
  • 5 Touch FULL ERASE (To erase both applications from App Catalog and all files stored in USB drive storage)
  • 6 Note: If you plan to continue to use this phone, touch FULL ERASE again.
  • 7 If you plan to give to phone away and do not want your data and files to be recoverable, touch SECURE FULL ERASE

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