How To Set Password on HTC HD2

  • 1On the Home screen's Settings tab, Touch Security > Phone lock.
  • 2 Select the Prompt if phone unused for check box, and then specify the idle time before the phone requires a password.
  • 3 If you choose 0 Minutes, you will need to input the password every time you wake the phone up from Sleep mode.
  • 4 From the Password type list, select the type of password you would like to use:
    • Simple PIN. This consists of four digits.Do not begin the password with the local emergency phone number, as you may call the number accidentally when trying to unlock the phone.
    • Strong alphanumeric. This is more secure than a simple PIN. It must be at least seven characters long and contain at least three of the following character types: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation marks.
  • 5 Enter the password in both the Password and Confirm boxes.
  • 6 Touch OK.
  • 7 Touch Yes to save your password settings.

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