LG Ally: How to Connect with PC via USB

LG Ally
  • 1Connect the phone with USB cable to a USB port on your computer
  • 2 Open the notifications panel > tap USB connected
  • 3 Tap MOUNT in the dialog box that opens to confirm that you want to transfer files
  • 4 when the phone is connected as USB storage, you will receive a notification
  • 5 Your phone's microSD card is mounted as a removable drive on your computer. You can copy files to and from the microSD card
  • 6 At this time, you are not able to access the microSD card until the process is done.

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michael  Tanner picture michael Tanner

0 vote

I have a macbook and when i plug in my ally, it just statrs charging,nowhere on my phone or computer does it recognize they are connected. How do i fix this? thanks!

0 vote

Did you tap "USB connected" on your phone?

Jiminhixson picture Jiminhixson

0 vote

With mine on a PC, I had a similar problem until I loaded the LG Android drivers for my computer. After doing that I was able to connect to SD Card with no problem.

It did appear that the driver is required to open the SD card on the computer.

Not sure if it is the same with a Mac.

kelvin rosario picture kelvin rosario

0 vote

wich lg andriod driver did u use cuz im havin the same issue

daniettew picture daniettew

0 vote

Go to the LG.com Mobile Phone Support (won't let me post link here)

I had the same issues when trying to connect my device & no drivers were found or available.


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