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LG KP500 is an entry-level touch screen phone that lacked of advanced features and specifications. The LG KP500 phone isn’t created to challenge iPhone or Google G1, but as an alternative choice for budget-conscious consumers who would like to have a low-cost touch-screen phone. The KP500 is equipped with a 3.0-megapixel digital camera, MP3 digital music player, Video player, camcorder, Bluetooth connectivity, and a microSD memory expansion slot that supports up to 8GB of memory upgrade. However, this LG phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS navigation system, and DivX and XviD video playback features that you get with LG KC910 Renoir.

LG KP500 Full Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Network GSM 850 MHz / 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
3G Network No
Design Candybar
Smartphone No
Internal Memory 48 MB
Weight 3.1 oz / 87.9 g
Dimension 4.2" x 2.2" x 0.5"
10.67 cm x 5.59 cm x 1.27 cm
Internal Display Screen 3.0-inch 262K Color TFT LCD Touchscreen (240 x 400 pixels)
Touchscreen Yes. Stylus and Handwriting Recognition
External Display Screen No
Battery Type Lithium Ion 900 mAh
Battery Life Talk: 3.5 hours
Standby: 350 hours (14.58 days)
QWERTY Keyboard Yes. Touchscreen QWERTY Keyboard
Predictive Text Input Yes. T9
Speakerphone Yes
Expandable Memory Slot Yes. microSD. Supports Up to 8GB
GPS System / GPS Navigation No

Email, Messaging, and Office Functionalities

Email Yes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP
Internet Browsing / WAP Yes. WAP 2.0, xHTML
Instant Messenger Yes
Microsoft Office Mobile No
Document Viewer Yes. MS Office, Doc, PDF

Software and Games

Games Yes
PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes

Phone Book

Phonebook Capacity 1000
Multiple Numbers Per Contact Yes
Picture ID Yes
Ring ID Yes

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel 3.0

Music and Audio

MP3 Music Player Yes. Supports MP3, AAC, eAAC+, AAC+, WMA, Real Audio 9 Music Files
Playlist Yes
Shuffle Yes
Voice Memo & Voice Mail Yes
FM Radio Yes

Video and Camcorder

Video Player Yes
Video Recorder Yes


Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) Yes
Infrared No
Wi-Fi (WLAN) No
TV Output No
Computer Synchronization Yes

Please let us know if the information above is wrong. We're humans too, sometimes we make mistakes.

User Reviews

ZachAsa picture ZachAsa

0 votes LG KP 500


this phone is 99.99 at the carphonewaerhouse

milkyshake picture milkyshake

-4 votes

I know. I've just got it and it i sooo cool. I recomend this phone to anyone but out of the three networks you can get it on (t mobile, orange and 02) the best is orange because it is the cheapest. qwerty keyboards are the best. i love touchscreens- was going to get the lg viewty but as i am a child that would be very confusing so i got this instead and it is simple ofr a child like me!

Anoymous, are you planning on getting this phone is well?

Joshua Blackwood picture Joshua Blackwood

3 votes

i've just got it and it is the best phone i've ever had

ME picture ME

-2 votes

Well i but it at the phone house and i can put any sim in it i like, if u buy at the phone house you can buy it open and put your existing sim in it

nikunj patel picture nikunj patel

2 votes

i want my sms capacity for increas inbox its 500sms and i want unlimited so what i do

SAJI picture SAJI

-3 votes

Has anyone used the browser? it is sub standard. it is very difficult to use the browser. It toggles between portrait and landscape views automatically. sometimes the title bar and navigation bar displays and offs automatically...

otherwise it is a good phone. But as far as the browser is concerned, it is not that good when compared to a basic phone having GPRS facility.

gordon brown picture gordon brown

-2 votes


had a nokia 85 and sold it and got this, the video player isnt as good but what a phone and with a good set of head phones for mp3 player is pretty good, £100.00 its a bloody bargin...

Dieter picture Dieter

-1 votes Good phone


This is a good phone

mark02 picture mark02

-2 votes


where can i found games for this phone lg kp500 lg cookie games or apps with/out accelerometer

anon picture anon

-1 votes LG KP500 Games

if you go to the LG mobile site you can gain points allowing you access to free games, wallpapers, and ringtones

kinsley picture kinsley

0 votes

can you please name the name of the site

Manuel picture Manuel

1 vote

Hola, disculpa que no sea para contestar tu pregunta; me podrias decir como activo el acelerometro en mi LG GS 290.


-1 votes LG KP500


This phone is very good.

Eve picture Eve

-3 votes

This phone is simple to use, it has a great touchscreen and it is a very stylish phone. As I do not text or phone people very often Tesco Mobile's 'Pay As You Go' service is great for me. My parents got the KP 500 phone for my 11th Birthday, many of my friends have got touchscreen phones since but I still feel that mine is the best!

sreeprasad picture sreeprasad

-2 votes bluetooth applications


i cant run bluetooth application on this phone ...bcoz it does not support JAVA API for bluetooth..pls suggest any solution for this problem ?

Best phone picture Best phone

-2 votes Lg kp500


I have this phone and im enjoying it :)

hope aryeetey picture hope aryeetey

0 vote

it is good but i can download facebook chat on it to see my friends online if they are

Kavindra picture Kavindra

-3 votes Sycronzation software


I have problem with the synchronization problem with the pc, small cd supported with the phone does not work?. Is there any sight where I can down load these software

kim picture kim

0 votes help..


hi..im about to buy this phone and i would like to ask is this phone compatible with winxp for the downloading of music? pls..if u know the answer pls. reply

sly picture sly

-4 votes answer

once it is sync you just transfer your music or pictures straight to the phone... you can also copy and paste stuff to the memory card if you have one

tintin picture tintin

-4 votes cool


very cute fne! very cheap!
i love it!

mhy picture mhy

-1 votes


I have this phone recently.. and i can't figure it out why i didn't received a forwarded message coming from a nokia phone.. like 5300.. he used to forward a message to me.. but i didn't received it at all.. i don't know why.. can you help me with this??? thanks

Manmohan  picture Manmohan

-3 votes Best Of the Best


Hi This Phone is good range in this price.
as like is very costly

cool buddy picture cool buddy

-2 votes

what are you saying it's the best and it's affordable

-3 votes lg kp500


how to unlock my widgets, I accidentally covered the widget idle menu from the music idle and I can't move the music idle because I accidentally lock it...

Oscar picture Oscar

-3 votes Unlock

There is an unlock/lock icon in the widget itself that turns green when it is unlocked. it is right beside the pop out/in arrow of the widget.

-2 votes disabling widgets..if there's such a thing

I've just recently bought the LG 500KP from a friend...she only used it for 3 weeks...she had some applications saved on the widget..how do i get them back into the freakin' widget screen cause I don't want to see her schedule on my main screen..I've already deleted it from the organizer..but it's still on my main screen w/ the radio, clock and music icons that i want to get rid off the main screen. I attempted to do the factory reset but I don't know what the security code is...HELP!!!

Alliexoxo picture Alliexoxo

-4 votes Disabling Widgets

Hey, just got the phone myself, you can move the widgets from the main screen back to the widget screen by dragging them back they all must be enabled.
Hope that helps.

kadam_electron@yahoo.co.in picture kadam_electron@yahoo.co.in

-2 votes

Hi can u please tell me how this can be done?
I am not been able to drag my shortcuts back to the widget idle.
Please help.

sammiijay picture sammiijay

-4 votes

hey to drag the icons back onto the widget box theres a little red or green button on the left side of the open widget box, its lock and unlock...make sure that is switched to green and u can slide the widgets back. hope it helps

Pappu picture Pappu

-2 votes

Pl unlock the window [See red/green button on left].

animesh pal picture animesh pal

-4 votes

Fac. Code is 0000
My no is +919950070026
And please reply

Rita picture Rita

-4 votes

You have to click out the side tab and drag those things from the desktop back onto the tab bar. Don't know if you'll understand that. But basically all those widgets drag on and off the desktop. Found that out when I called my #2 speed dial, it keep putting the icon on my home screen. Very annoying. Anyway, I dragged #2 back onto the side tab (make sure you have it out first). Now I just dial 2 and call that speed dial. Now, onto my review of the phone. I love it. I thought writing texts with handwriting recognition was the coolest *hit. For the most part, I love the phone. Can't get the browser to work with AT & T, and I hate the fact that I can't EASILY mod the theme interface. It's like having a sportscar in a color you don't really like...lol Oh well, at some point I will flash all the theme bull to a theme I won't get sick of. Oh, almost forgot, I got the pink, very cute.

cossie picture cossie

-4 votes

hey i am 13 and i have recently bought the lg cookie and it is a perfect fone for kids like me one piece of advice: BUY IT

lg cookie babii picture lg cookie babii

-4 votes

me toooo... i love this fone but i dont kno how to upload pics from it to the computer :(

Hardy17 picture Hardy17

-4 votes Kool


this phone is fucking awesome.but does any one know where do u get themes from.

gmix picture gmix

-2 votes

how do you make the themes work? it seems that it only works as a wallpaper?!

semreen picture semreen

-5 votes


not good mobile

Good phone only some... picture Good phone only some...

-5 votes


good phone for that monny.
the only thin thats not good is that the phon has no zoom function on photo or video.

SL picture SL

-1 votes

Hi. I thought the same, no zoom. But, when I changed size from 3MP to 640 x 480, the zoom bar appeared. Try changing the resolution to something smaller until it appears.

Manfredt Herunga  picture Manfredt Herunga

-5 votes


I got the Phone myself, although i like its user friendly menu's, i'm bit disappointed with the phones Battery life, but a good phone non the less

dolf picture dolf

-4 votes

this the best and cheaps why to look good

Jade picture Jade

-1 votes


I Love my new LG KP500! Seriously it was the right price and it does all the thigns i need without having to spend the 600 on an iphone or blackberry!

Me. picture Me.

-3 votes


Hey! I can't access facebook through LG cookie, any idea how to?? ;) Reply asap! Thanks.

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;) picture meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;)

-2 votes

yeah i am wondering the same thing?!?! So what type of LG cookie do u hav????

Lotsa luv bbe
me x

manojkumar picture manojkumar

-4 votes


i want themes 4 kp 500 mobile plz

-3 votes


I love my phone had it almost a year now.. I hate my battery life with a passion. But everything else is great .. my only problem is I have tmobile and after about 5 months of having the phone I cant recieve piture mail anymore. tried troublesshooting and all. any body help plz.. no point in special phone if cant even get pic messages.

patuke picture patuke

-3 votes


toto je najlepsi mobil na svete
ja ho mam viem co hovorim.


happy picture happy

-3 votes


i like my kookie so so much , despite am 34 years old .

-2 votes


why my kp500 sms allert duration is short??? I want use my music for message allert but the duration is only about 5 second. Does anyone can solve my problem???


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