Motorola Backflip: How to Install or Uninstall Application

Here are steps to install or uninstall application.

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Motorola Backflip
  • 1While browsing the marketplace, touch the desired application.
  • 2 Touch Install
  • 3 Touch OK to allow the application access to phone features/functions, if necessary.
  • 4 When the application has successfully installed you will see a
  • 5 Notifier icon in the Notification Drawer (Top left corner of phone)
  • 6 Touch the Notifier icon to complete additional installation steps or to launch the application. You can also launch the application from the icon in your Application Tray.
  • 7 Uninstall applications
    If you’d like to remove an application from your device, follow these steps:
  • 8 Select My Downloads from the Market home screen.
  • 9 Select the item you’d like to un-install.
  • 10 On the application home screen, tap Uninstall.
  • 11 You will be able to return to My Downloads at any time to reinstall a purchased application that you’ve previously removed.

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