Motorola Droid X: How to Remove Facebook Account, Exchange ActiveSync, and Gmail

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Motorola Droid X
  • 1Open Settings in your Droid X, then tap on the Accounts & sync selection
  • 2 Tap the account (Facebook, Gmail, or Exchange ActiveSync) you wish to remove/delete
  • 3 Tap Remove account
  • 4 Confirm that you want to remove the account by tapping on Remove account or tap on Cancel if you selected the wrong account
  • 5 Your account will now be deleted

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brandie picture brandie

-1 votes

I tried that it says your request was denied,please try again

Joe Pic picture Joe Pic

-1 votes

I get the same response. Anyone suggestions??

Tristyn picture Tristyn

1 vote

I DON'T want my Facebook account permanatly deleted, but i just want it off my Droid X. Can you tell me how? Like, to delete it off my phone but not deleteing the account, so when its off my phone i can still go and be on the SAME account on the computer? PLEASE HELP!!

Tristyn picture Tristyn

-1 votes

how do you delete your facebook account off the droid x without deleting it permantinly. so like, if i delete it off my droid x i can go on the computer and it will still be there...please help me!

Tristyn picture Tristyn

0 vote

so is the instructions that is givin only delete your facebook off your phone, or does it delete it delete it, like delete it from the the world, i just want it off my phone!! not gone forever!!


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