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Motorola Hint, also known as Motorola QA30, is a CDMA slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard that could slide out from the bottom. The Motorola Hint has a built-in 2.0-megapixel digital camera / camcorder, a MP3 digital music player, and GPS navigation system (requires subscription from carrier). It features a 2.5-inch landscape oriented QVGA LCD screen to ease users in text-messaging. The Hint phone has a 3.5mm headset jack for users to plug-in favorite headsets.

Motorola Hint QA30 Full Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Network CDMA 800 MHz / 1700 MHz / 1900 MHz
Data Network CDMA2000 1xRTT/1xEV-DO rev.0/1xEV-DO rev.A
3G Network No
Design Slider
Smartphone No
RAM 128 MB
ROM 256 MB
Weight 4.2 oz / 119.1 g
Dimension 3.2" x 2.4" x 0.7"
8.13 cm x 6.1 cm x 1.78 cm
Internal Display Screen 2.5-inch 65K Color TFT LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels)
Touchscreen No
External Display Screen No
Battery Type Lithium Ion 940 mAh
Battery Life Talk: 4.5 hours
Standby: 360 hours (15 days)
QWERTY Keyboard Yes
Predictive Text Input Yes. T9
Speakerphone Yes
Expandable Memory Slot Yes. microSD. Supports Up to 8GB
GPS System / GPS Navigation Yes

Email, Messaging, and Office Functionalities

Email Yes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP
Internet Browsing / WAP Yes. Full Internet Browser
Instant Messenger Yes. AOL / Windows Live / Yahoo!
Microsoft Office Mobile No

Software and Games

Games Yes
PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes

Phone Book

Multiple Numbers Per Contact Yes
Picture ID Yes
Ring ID Yes

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel 2.0
Maximum Resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels

Music and Audio

MP3 Music Player Yes
Playlist Yes
Shuffle Yes
Voice Memo & Voice Mail Yes
FM Radio No

Video and Camcorder

Video Player Yes
Video Recorder Yes


Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) Yes
Infrared No
Wi-Fi (WLAN) No
USB Yes. microUSB 2.0
HeadSet Jack (3.5mm) Yes

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User Reviews

Kacy picture Kacy

-4 votes Motorola hint


This phone is really good for the most part. It works really well. It has threaded messaging which means that when you have a convorsation with somebody you can just see the convorsation right there. It takes great pictures, no doubt about it. The only problem I have had so far is that you cannot change the style when its on vibrate. But the vibrate is so quiet anyways that you cant hear it when its in your pocket in dead silence at school anyways. It a great phone and I would recomend it. It is very new, but I think they should come out with faceplates soon.or something because I dont want people to have the issue of a scratched or broken phone, I want this phone to last me for a long time! : )

Piper picture Piper

-3 votes Cases

I just took a peek on eBay, and they have beautiful cases (hard and silicon) for cheap.
Check it out. ;)

Katwoman picture Katwoman

-1 votes Get off of vibrate???

I can't get my Motorola Hint to get off of vibrate. It might be broken. I used the soft keys on the side and it says volume is loud, but it only vibrates.

Me picture Me

-3 votes

Go to settings and change mode, volume won't do anything when on vibrate

MoooMooo3000 picture MoooMooo3000

-1 votes

try taking the battery out..and if that doesnt work take it to the metro pcs corporate store (or your carriers main store) ....i own the motorola hint with metro myself ... ive never had the problem in the 2 years ive had it. soo good luck its not the product its ur phone it self...

blackshic187 picture blackshic187

-3 votes motorola hint

i dont know what to do i love the phone as well but i could usually be able to download music from the myxer to my cell phone but with this phone it sayin that my phone is not formatted right what should i do to get ringtones on my phone and download to my music player

brittnee picture brittnee

-2 votes

if you're wanting ringtones: send them frm your computer to your phone and follow the link and when it shows up the window about it not being in the right format and to choose one choose mp3 and if it doesnt work the fist time try clicking it again and when the volume speaker looking thing comes up click on options and save. if your wanting mp3's on your music player i just took my memory card out and put it on my computer and opened it and dragged the files i wanted from itunes onto my music player file and took the card back out and put it back in my phone and they're on there..PIECE OF CAKE..just takes a bit of thinking:)

quay picture quay

-1 votes it doesnt work

all it does is play the song an it says no items on screen to be saved

HELP !!! picture HELP !!!

0 votes

i did what you said and i got to the part where i can download at the music symbol buh at that page wen press save it doesnt save it says there is no content on this page dhat caN B DOWNLOADED.


?guy? picture ?guy?

-2 votes

i have this phone and i download from myxer,but if i never signed up but on the hint you have to sign up first then download.

telly picture telly

-1 votes ummm ok i signed up & inn

ummm ok i signed up & inn now how do i save the things i download to my phone? all its savin is the picture helpp.!

casperluvsmusic picture casperluvsmusic

-2 votes

download music to computer add the music to your sd card, or get an usb cord and port them over in folder.

kidkid picture kidkid

-3 votes

i got the same phones and mines work well with myxer.urs is stupid.

rick picture rick

0 votes Moto hint amazing


this is a amazing phone every thing about it is good

Lori  picture Lori

-3 votes MOTO QA30 HELP!



new_wave picture new_wave

-1 votes music files

The files need to be located at specific folder or just try to copy it to the top folder

PoOpYpAnTs picture PoOpYpAnTs

-1 votes

Fir those that are reading back throught thid thread. If yo have a MemCard you can create your own folders and store different files there. Meaning, if you have files other than media ones. This can be a good thing depending on your purposes ;-)

I am a developer and I am interested in doing a few ditties for this phone. Anyone into this realm of development. I have all the necessary programming tools.

Where are the apps I can download here> Can't find them...


AKA BarJabba

court picture court

-3 votes

I have had this problem.. and you might have to format your card to the phone.. but the thing is everything on your card will be deleted.. so you will have to put new songs on the card.. not so good...

mike picture mike

-2 votes file

they have to be mp3 and i am pretty sure your phone has to format the sd card try those

Blake picture Blake

-1 votes SD Card not supported

Save what ever you have on the card to your computer first. Then you need to format it to the phone. If it won't let you from there, then it is a card issue. Some of the newer Titanium SD cards are not compatable with a lot of electronics. I have returned several. Now I just stay away from them.

namaze2 picture namaze2

-2 votes

you have to format the card



Just reformat the SD card and then it will work.

castro picture castro

-3 votes motorola hint

you need a micro sd card.and usb micro cable.
then i believe you need to get alltel jump music kit.

jovan_hawkins picture jovan_hawkins

-3 votes

the micro sd card is a small memory card you can buy at walgreens walmart or radio shack it usually comes with a big one the the smaller one can be inserted into for use in digital cameras to install in your phone remove the battery cover and the slot will be in the top left corner when you turn it on the phone should say memory card inserted

Cole Gritz picture Cole Gritz

-1 votes

There is a free converter online called switch sound file converter which will make all file mp3. Drag them into a folder called my music on your memory card

edsva picture edsva

-1 votes

yeah they have to be mp3 format songs u probly have aac files or something um youtube downloader is the best converter i use and u can convert any kind of files to mp3

anne reese picture anne reese

-1 votes

mine says the same and wont let me send pix messages

davi picture davi

-3 votes


how do you download ringtones

satanicwitch picture satanicwitch

-1 votes


How do you use your own mp3 as a ringtone?

gus picture gus

-3 votes mp3 ringtones

Go into main menu and select multimedia. Select music and sounds, then select sounds. Whatever mp3's you've DL'd to the memory card will be there. Select "set as" and it will allow you to set that song to any number stored. You may have to switch it to a "ring tone" which it will prompt. Good to go.

I love this phone. Had it a few months, love all the features.

Miranda picture Miranda

-1 votes Ringtone

I am confused I have music on my mp3 that I want to set as a ringtone but it isn't under my sounds like you said its under music player, how do I get the songs off of music player and into sounds.

kiki picture kiki

-2 votes

You have to put the mem card in phone and format the card first. Then when you open the card in your computer it will show a Sounds folder. Drag it to that folder then follow Gus advice.

lkjhg picture lkjhg

-2 votes how to change mp3's to ringtones

how do you change your mp3's to ringtones

brooke picture brooke

-1 votes


My only problem is that some of my ringtones won't set for the call ringtone or etc. Only some of them will actually set. =[

Jenna picture Jenna

-3 votes


I have had this phone the last two months as a replacement to my LG AX8600 (piece of junk). I absolutely love the phone and would be lost without it!

MasterBarid picture MasterBarid

-3 votes Help


Hey I realy like this phone but I dont know how to get to the games if there is any can someone tell me how?

-1 votes rearranging display (front screen)


I've had the phone since it came out and I am still figuring things out....but I noticed last night that I could change the icons on the right side of the screen, but is there a way for me to change the left side? Or even take celltop off the bottom left corner?

new guy picture new guy

-2 votes

let side is set. So is the bottom. but if it is data minutes you are concerned about, use the lock on the top. keeps it from going anywhere when closed, but allows it to do anthing when open. locks automatically when closed again. I love this phone so far!

help picture help

-1 votes

can u help me im new to this phone how do u change the shortcuts?

katwoman picture katwoman

-2 votes Motorola Hint


My motorola hint wont go off vibrate. I used the soft keys on the left side and it says it is changing it but it isn't. Help!

Robin picture Robin

0 votes Wouldn't recommend to the data user.


The Hint has some great features. I have some major problems with it though. First off my MP3 player doesn't work, my mobile Television doesn't work, and sometimes when I use the Internet to go on Youtube the videos don't play. Today is my second time trading the phone for another one. First it was the speaker and now it will not come on. I love the phone's features and style but I wish I would have purchased a new phone.

Josh picture Josh

-4 votes Mp3 not right format


I love this phone, but all the music i bought off itunes wont work on music player, should i go and download it from somewhere else?

beth picture beth

-1 votes itunes music

i clicked and dragged my playlist from itunes to the phone and it works fine. i listen to them every day

barby picture barby

-4 votes how do i?


i have had the phone for 3 weeks now. i just bought the usb cable to be able to send music to the phone but i have no idea how to do it.can anyone help?

-1 votes Did you computer recognize the phone when you plug in?

When you hook up your phone to your computer, assuming that you computer is a Windows, does your computer prompt you for action?

beth picture beth

-3 votes dl music

when you plug it into the computer it should give you a pop up and you click to open files. then you drag the music from your computer to the phone music file. that's it. when you unplug the phone, it will be on there

seegeepee picture seegeepee

-3 votes How to use your own .mp3 as a ringtone


First: a MicroSD card has to be formatted BY the phone with the properly named folders-- "My Music", "Music", "My Sounds", etc. When I placed my blank MicroSD card into the phone for the first time and power-cycled it, this happened automatically.

Next: Any .mp3s you copy into "Music" or "My Music" will be playable in the Music Player. Any .mp3 you copy into "My Sounds" can be set as a ringtone from the Multimedia menu (the phone will ask permission to copy the .mp3 to the internal memory fist).

Jenn picture Jenn

-3 votes

seegeepee you're awesome. Thanks!

help picture help

-4 votes

i really like this phone but im having a problem when someone sends me a pic thru mms i cant save it to my phone. how do you save it and the picture comes up to view?

-3 votes

It took me forever to figure this out too. After you have saved the picture, go to Pictures and select the one you want. Go to "Options" and then "Move" select "My Images". Then go to "Options" again, select "Move" again, and then select "Phone". Then go to "Options" yet again, and you will be able to "Set As" and "Contact ID" and it will display as caller ID image.


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