Samsung Intercept: How to Hard Reset to Factory Default Setting

There are steps to show you how to hard reset to factory default settings at your own risk.

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Samsung Intercept M910
  • 1Turn the power off. You need to pull the battery out and reinsert it if your phone gets frozen
  • 2 Hold the Volume Down button
  • 3 Press and release the Power button
  • 4 A menu appears that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
  • 5 Press the Volume Down button to Select Clear Storage
  • 6 Press and release the Power button
  • 7 Make your decision by touching one of the two options: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO
  • 8 If you selected YES, all data will be deleted from the phone including third-party applications. The Samsung Intercept will reboot to its original data.

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Rachel picture Rachel

5 votes

The combo to get to the menu to reboot is actually hold the vol down button and call button press and release the power button

Dutch Dodgers picture Dutch Dodgers

0 vote

Is there a length of time that I'm suppose to hold it?? Cause I tried BOTH combos, and neither one did anything at all...

mohammad picture mohammad

0 votes

just do like rachel's says but keep holding long press on down valume and send button tell you see the the menue

danny picture danny

-1 votes

rachel is right - hold both volume down and send, and press/hold the power key. the debug menu will appear right away without the normal lengthy boot process. only way to use my phone after I forgot the unlock pattern! this is on a virgin mobile version of the intercept.

CD picture CD

1 vote

This does not work for the Sprint version. I have tried both ways and nothing.

vlmherrington picture vlmherrington

1 vote


Fabio Rodrigues picture Fabio Rodrigues

0 vote

Thanks for the help, this is the only option that worked for me, after a long time searching, hold Vol down and power, when screen turns on release both buttons imediately

worldfamouss picture worldfamouss

0 vote

that is correct after you release power button wait few seconds when u see samsung sign let all buttons go it works for both my sprint and virgin mobile

abduah elayan picture abduah elayan

-1 votes

very very ood it work yo have tohold volume down and send and power at the same time dont let go till u see the menu thanks guys all of yall i love ya very much i dont kno what to do with out yall.

RosieC picture RosieC

1 vote

You are exactly right:) Don't let go until you see the menu! Called sprint and they couldn't help. I was going to have to take it to the store. You saved me a trip thx:)

Alfonso V  picture Alfonso V

4 votes

the only way that works on my virgin mobile intercept is:
hold VOLUME DOWN button at the same time you hold the SEND button and dont let them go, then press for a couple seconds the POWER button and let it go, then press again the POWER button without letting go the VOLUME DOWN and SEND buttons, and the recovery menu is going to show up right away. now scroll down with VOL DOWN to WIPE DATA/ FACTORY RESET and press one time the SQUARE button between SEND and POWER buttons now press VOLUME UP to do the recovery that usually is done in 4 seconds and then just press REBOOT SYSTEM NOW and you are done.

Savannah picture Savannah

0 vote

I have the sprint cersion, and it worked for me.

Craig picture Craig

0 vote

I used Rachel's method on both a virgin mobile and a sprint intercept and both worked. They are a little touchy and sometimes you have to try it a few times but that method does work on both the virgin mobile and sprint intercepts.

Megan picture Megan

-1 votes

Actually the other poster are right remove battery, replace battery. Then hold down Vol-, Send/recieve call and press and release power/end button( for like 1 sec). It does work for Sprint Samsung Intercept. I just did it myself because I had too many apps and powered off my phone. I'm glad they are now giving the option to install to SD card on some apps!=^..^=

Derek picture Derek

-1 votes

ok i have the samsung intercept and i have seem to lock my self completely i can't d the pattern only this email thing and it won't let me do my email,i tryied codes and the stuff up there that you guys mentioned and nothin workss what should i do

ED picture ED

1 vote

I was having trouble with the sequence. It seem to work for me as the samsung login screen was booting up. Hope this helps anyone else. (hold down volume and talk key at the same time. then press power once then again and let everything go).. It worked the 2nd time I tried it. The process removed all previous apps and there was no need to reactivate it.

Domonic picture Domonic

-1 votes

the resetting works for me but doesnt reset the phone number that was on the phone and I still cant change the phone number to a new one

tashima picture tashima

-1 votes

Thnkz dat really worked

Irene picture Irene

0 vote

I've done the process three times because my phone is stuck at the samsung screen. After I get to the page and I reset the phone to fabric settings it's still gets stuck in the same place.
The problem with my situation is that I bought the phone in the USA and now I don't live there so no one wants to help me get it repaired. Is there anything else I could do?
I appreciate it.

latoya picture latoya

0 vote

follow alfonso v it worked for me

brittany smith picture brittany smith

-1 votes

Thanks guys. After reading the reviews I finally figured it out on my sprint samsung intercept.

jose lara picture jose lara

0 vote

it does not work!!!

Jonte Santos picture Jonte Santos

0 vote

Thanks it worked

been2jammin picture been2jammin

0 vote

Worked for me.... Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept... thanks!

Nanette picture Nanette

0 vote

This just worked or me:

First, try this:
1. From the main home screen, tap the menu button
2. Select Privacy
3. Tap Factory data reset
4. Read the disclaimer, then tap Reset
5. Tap Erase everything

If that doesn't work, or if your phone is frozen:
1. Turn the power off. If your Samsung Intercept is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
2. Hold the Volume Down button
3. Press and release the Power button
4. You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
5. Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
6. Press and release the Power button
7. Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO

gtmoore picture gtmoore

0 vote

It does work; however, initially, I was holding down the volume down key and send key and holding down while power back up and wasn't seeing the menu.

You only need to hold the volume down and send key, while simultaneously turning the power on, until the Samsung logo appears on the screen, then you immediately let go of the volume down and send keys. You will then see the menu.

Tangi picture Tangi

0 vote

cn anyone help me please, i have a samsung gt-1105f phone and i forgot my simlock code, any one who knows the secret code to break it out?

pb picture pb

0 vote

it just doesnt work for my corby. a phone pic with arrow down just display .


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