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The Samsung Omnia, also known as Samsung SGH-i900, is the upgraded version of Samsung Instinct, which both phones features iPhone-like Touchwhiz technology. The biggest improvement over the Samsung Instinct is the 5-megapixel digital camera with anti-shake technology, enable users to captures high quality pictures for printing.

The Samsung Omnia is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system and a Marvell PXA312 processor at 624 MHz with 256 MB ROM and 128 RAM. It also has 8 GB of internal memory storage. Since the Omnia is powered by Windows OS, the Omnia phone comes preloaded with Windows Applications, such as Microsoft Words, Excel, Powerpoint, and Windows Media.

Like the Samsung Instinct, the Omnia phone also has 3G capabilities, Stereo Bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio, and GPS functionality.

Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 Full Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Network GSM 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
Data Network GPRS / EDGE / UMTS 850 MHz / UMTS 1900 MHz / UMTS 2100 MHz / HSDPA 1.8 Mbit/s / HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s
3G Network Yes
Design Candybar
Smartphone Yes
Operating System Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Processor Marvell PXA312 processor at 624 MHz
RAM 128 MB
ROM 256 MB
Internal Memory 8 GB
Weight 4.3 oz / 121.9 g
Dimension 4.4" x 2.24" x 0.5"
11.18 cm x 5.69 cm x 1.27 cm
Internal Display Screen 3.2-inch WQVGA Touchscreen (240 x 400 pixels))
Touchscreen Yes
External Display Screen No
Battery Life Talk: 5.8 hours
QWERTY Keyboard No
Predictive Text Input Yes. T9
Speakerphone Yes
GPS System / GPS Navigation Yes

Email, Messaging, and Office Functionalities

Email Yes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP
Internet Browsing / WAP Yes. Opera 9.5 Browser
Instant Messenger Yes. AOL / ICQ / Windows Live / Yahoo!
Microsoft Office Mobile Yes. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook

Software and Games

PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes

Phone Book

Multiple Numbers Per Contact Yes
Picture ID Yes
Ring ID Yes

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel 5.0
Image Stabilizer Yes

Music and Audio

MP3 Music Player Yes. Windows Media Player. Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, WAV Music Files
Playlist Yes
Shuffle Yes
Voice Memo & Voice Mail Yes
FM Radio Yes. FM Radio

Video and Camcorder

Video Player Yes
Video Recorder Yes
Video Calling Yes


Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) Yes
Wi-Fi (WLAN) Yes
TV Output Yes
HeadSet Jack (2.5mm) No
HeadSet Jack (3.5mm) No
Computer Synchronization Yes

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Apollon picture Apollon

-4 votes Wrong specs


Data specs are wrong - SGH-i900 model is not tri band UMTS, it only supports UMTS 2100. UMTS850/1900 is not supported - no 3G in USA. Also, HSDPA top speed is 7.2mbps, not 3.6mbps

TouchWiz UI doesn't compare to Apple's multitouch, but that's more of a winblows mobile vs OS X issue

ramu picture ramu

-4 votes


how to set mp3 ringtone in samsung i900

Arutha picture Arutha

-3 votes RE: how to set mp3 ringtone in samsung i900

In regards to your question all you need to do is go to the Main Menu, Settings, Sounds & Notifications. Once on there click on the Notifications tab and look for your tune under Ring tone.

It seems to me that the phone lists all your ringtones regardless of where you have stored them.

Ian picture Ian

-5 votes

Seems to me that all it lists is the ringtones that come with the phone

kos picture kos

-2 votes

im not a regular user of this site but all ya have to do is go into file explorer then locate the song you want as your ring tone use your pen tap and hold on it and then in the options that come up tap set as ringtone it will send it to my documents on device in the music folder but it will allready b set and accesuble in ya ringtones

maxi picture maxi

-4 votes

This actually works,
thanks :)

George Boolea Lukwanda picture George Boolea Lukwanda

0 vote

It works thanks a lot

Nad picture Nad

-4 votes

You are absolutely right! Its the only way to do it. Thanks

Amandeep Sohi picture Amandeep Sohi

-2 votes

Thanks a wont believe that i was trying it since y'day and today also spent almost 2 hrs but couldnot set song as ringtone but i did it now...Thanks :)

dwhelp picture dwhelp

-2 votes

This really works!

Jade Walker picture Jade Walker

-4 votes

you can use your fiel explore on your computer with access to drag and drop mp3's into the fiel... RingTones in your Samsung i90 Omnia to use as ring tones...they don't have to even be ringtone formated..just mp3/4 even... I use my sound effects from popular games to have fun with my ringtones on my Omnia... good luck

Saul picture Saul

-1 votes

have somebody bluetooth some mp3 ringtones and they will show up on the list

Pamm picture Pamm

-3 votes How to set mp3 ringtones in Samsung i900

Your Onmia will load the ringtones, if you store them in My Device, My Documents.

JoEllen picture JoEllen

-5 votes

i still cant find my mp3s they r saved in my music cant figure out how 2 get them as my ringtones please help!!!

marvz picture marvz

-3 votes

you should copy and paste the mp3 sound you wanted on the my documents...which is on the phone memory not in the external..after that try to change your ring tones at the sound and notification on the setting menu.

JJ picture JJ

-2 votes set mp3 as ringtone

press and hold the stick onthe song u whant to set as a rimgtone, there will pop up a menu just click on set as ring tone enjoy the phone its lots of fun

David picture David

-4 votes

This will not work for large files. My MP3 is 4MB in size and I still didn't find a way to set it as a ringtone :-(

Frank Tapnack picture Frank Tapnack

-5 votes Ringtones

Put your ringtones onto your extra storage card and they will be picked up under ringtones when you go to sounds and notifications. The files must be loaded straight onto your card and not into a folder. Trust me, this works. I have loaded 130 mp3's so far.

lovely picture lovely

-3 votes ringtones

Girl u did that!!!

-4 votes

Exactly how is that done? I've had my phone a week, my storage is full and I can't figure out how to move it onto my card!! I've exhausted all energies and pulled most of my hair out!!!

Chel picture Chel

-4 votes

you've probably already figured it out but all you have to do is connect it to your computer, ActiveSync will pop up and click the Explore Files button. Then click My Windows Mobile and then my storage. STORE EVERYTHING THERE!! I had to manually erase everything from the phone and just reloaded into there cuz i couldn't figure out the best way to do it but now i just save everything there! Hope this helps!

garry picture garry

-5 votes

hey u can set song or watever for ur ringtone just go to settings and then nitifications and then click the small arrow on the side and go to ringtone and change it there

Sssssup picture Sssssup

-4 votes

Make sure when you go to Settings, Sounds and Notifications, Notifications...that you scroll up or down the list. If you don't scroll, you will not see all of the Ringtones on the list.

Dani picture Dani

-2 votes

10x :)

payaso25us picture payaso25us

-4 votes ringtone mp3 omnia

put you ringtone in my documents/my ringtones. then take it from there

cameron picture cameron

-4 votes mp3 ring tones

it's kinda annoying ut what you have to do is copy the song you want to my device, my documents and put it in to My ringtones
and then select the song in the setting sounds notifications part

Cracka picture Cracka

-3 votes MP3 ringtones

I didnt get this for ages thanks for clearing it up

Just to clarify what he said, just find the file you want in file explorer on the phone. Hold down on it the track and copy it. Go to my device, my documents, my ringtones and paste it in their. Once the file is in the hold down on it again and set it as ringtone.

samsungphones picture samsungphones

-5 votes

method #1: Copy the mp3 or your choice of music file to My Device\My Documents. Any mp3 there could be set as ringtone for SMS, call, etc. Basically any event could be customised with the music file placed here.

method #2: Copy the file to My Storage. You will have to keep the file on the root folder of the16GB storage space. Similar to method 1, any files placed here could be set to any events.

method #3: Place the file in My Device\My Documents\My Ringtones. Files are can be set as caller ringtone only.

method #4: From any folder, just right click on the audio file (tap and hold), select Set As Ringtone. The system will copy the file to the folder mentioned in method 3 and set it as the caller ringtone.

webot picture webot

-5 votes

you need to copy your mp3 file into the folder of the ringtones, after doing this go to the sound settings and it will appear there, select it and done. n_n

-4 votes add ons to omnia


hi i pick my omnia up next week and was wondering what programs or apps you can add to it. any advice would be greatly recieved thanks

abdullahi Junie bayi picture abdullahi Junie bayi

-2 votes beats the iphone


im dropin my iphone 3g....the i900 is really gud nd the battry lasts atleast...nd for the sound its abit low but i'll manage!!!

b picture b

-3 votes

try to press this on your omnia : *#0002*28346#
it will get u in a control sound panel...make the adjustments you want(set higher DB levels) and you could have higher sound output.

dont forget to press...'apply' after the chenges

Shahram picture Shahram

-4 votes

Do have more adjusment tricks for omnia as you mentioned for sound?please send it to my e-mail smadani hotmail com

Sabrina picture Sabrina

-3 votes omnia

Do you have any tricks for the Omnia? I am getting one in 2 days and want to make sure I know how to play around and fix the bugs! Thanks! Email them plz if you can!

bernie picture bernie

-4 votes ei...

how can i make dis one, if im gonna dian d *#0002*28346# its goin on call.. i dont get it. tnx

vishal picture vishal

-4 votes

it works, thnx.

AZAm picture AZAm

-4 votes

not working

omnia fans picture omnia fans

-4 votes


I bought Samsung Omnia i900 last weeks...
n I'm keep wondering wat software u can add on...

alan picture alan

-4 votes


hey does anyone know the current model support US 3G data network??

paul picture paul

-4 votes


where can i buy the Samsung Omnia i900
if i live in usa

0 votes Key lock


Anyone have problems in the key lock?The end call lock can't function properly to lock the device as mentioned in manual. I had to use the power button to do so. anyone face this problem?did your phone hang a lot?mine device hang quite frequently especially when i'm charging my device. please advise whether i should take my device to samsung service center.

Adam picture Adam

-2 votes Key Lock

Hi Andrea,

I had this issue for a while and discovered that it appears to happen when you have the Autolock on (i.e. lock handset after a period of time) - if you switch that off you then press and hold the call end key and it will lock the device again as per the manual!

-2 votes Key Lock

Thanks Adam. Thanks for the reply. But I can't find where the Autolock setting was. Can you help me on this?
BTW, do you have any recommendation for add on programs?

-4 votes key lock and changing ring tone


Andrea i am having the same problem, i have held end key to lock keys but screen turns black for half a sec then back on - keys are functional again so basically doesnt work! any tips. Second problem is i cant change my ringtune. I have MP3 track on library and that now plays fine but when go to change it through ring options still only have the factory setting ones to choose from, im getting really fustrated with it now - its just these little things like this that niggle at me making me think i should have gone for a nokia again! Please help as i do like the touch screen and the internet works well and the texting is surprising great but these other two things are driving me made. Thanks all


-4 votes Soultion

It puzzled me to at first, but then realised the default ringtones are part of the phone memory and not storage. All you need to do is transfer the MP3 you want as your ringtone but be sure to save it under the ringtones folder that's stored on the phone memory and not the seperate like 8/16gb storage drive. Do this through the Windows Mobile software or something, you'll then see the track appear! =)

-2 votes Changing ringtone

Matt, to set you mp3 as your ringtone, all you need is you can save it at the my ringtone file(start>programs>file explorer>my documents>my ringtone) or i realise if you have your mp3 in the storage card, it still can be set as your ringtone. Just don't save the mp3 in folder. You can find your mp3 thru the drop out list during the ringtone settings. (start>settings>sound & notifications)You can set the MP3 for message tone, alarm tone too.Hope it help you.=)

nmayer picture nmayer

-4 votes

it doesnt give me the same sounds to pick from when i try to set mp3's for my messages. worked fine on my receive call but when i change it to messages it gives me a sounds folder instead of ringtone folder. what gives, any ideas?

-4 votes

I have had the same problem, and NOTHING I have tried has worked. I still only have factory sounds as options. It's very frustrating!

munchen2186 picture munchen2186

-4 votes Just need to reset the phone

Im having the same prob too..
as i just bought it 4 days ago..

all u have 2 do, just switch off the phone and on it back..
the list at the 'Event' will have the songs that u wanted..

It works for me..hope works 4 u n others too..

Dom picture Dom

-5 votes

THANKYOU ANDREA! the first instruction that actually got me somewhere. champion!


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