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Samsung Smooth, also known as Samsung SCH-U350, is an entry-level clamshell phone released for Verizon Wireless in United States. The Smooth has basic features, which are good for users who just want a simple phone for making or receiving calls. The phone has a built-in VGA camera for users to snap quick pictures for fun. It has Bluetooth connectivity, Instant Messengers, 64-MB of internal memory, and GPS navigation support (NZ navigator).

Samsung Smooth SCH-U350 Full Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Network CDMA 800 MHz / 1900 MHz
Data Network CDMA2000 1xRTT/1xEV-DO rev.0/1xEV-DO rev.A
3G Network No
Design Clamshell
Smartphone No
Internal Memory 64 MB
Weight 3.35 oz / 95 g
Dimension 3.78" x 1.85" x 0.75"
9.6 cm x 4.7 cm x 1.91 cm
Internal Display Screen 65K Color TFT LCD screen (128 x 160 pixels)
Touchscreen No
External Display Screen Yes
Battery Type Lithium Ion 1000 mAh
Battery Life Talk: 5 hours
Standby: 336 hours (14 days)
QWERTY Keyboard No
Predictive Text Input Yes. T9
Speakerphone Yes
Expandable Memory Slot No
GPS System / GPS Navigation Yes

Email, Messaging, and Office Functionalities

Email Yes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP
Internet Browsing / WAP Yes. WAP 2.0, xHTML
Instant Messenger Yes
Microsoft Office Mobile No

Software and Games

Games Yes
PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes

Phone Book

Multiple Numbers Per Contact Yes
Picture ID Yes
Ring ID Yes

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel 0.3 - VGA Camera
Zoom Yes
Self-timer Yes

Music and Audio

MP3 Music Player Yes. Supports MP4, AAC, eAAC+, AAC+ Music Files
Playlist Yes
Shuffle Yes
Voice Memo & Voice Mail Yes
FM Radio No

Video and Camcorder

Video Player No
Video Recorder No


Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) Yes
Infrared No
Wi-Fi (WLAN) No
PictBridge No
TV Output No
Computer Synchronization No

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User Reviews

murissaferrier picture murissaferrier

-6 votes science

well i wish if i had a phone right know because im poor and some many things i need i wish if it could just fall from the sky any wat that wont happeh thank you

Frank picture Frank

-3 votes

What? What about the phone? Geezzz

spili picture spili

1 vote

Otlicnii telefon!!! A vi vse pidari!!!!

Melons picture Melons

-3 votes

The GPS is awesome, it automaticly detects where you are.

bkfin picture bkfin

0 votes

Mostly, works good. Reliably.
However, I need a phone with an alarm that works. Friends and I went through about a dozen phones. We found that the alarms failed 100% of the time. What are the odds against a dozen purchases/exchanges failing in a row, astronomically low at an engineered failure rate of no more than 1%--unless Samsung has engineered about 100% failure rate into the phone, inadvertently of course.
So, if you need the alarms to work in a phone, forget the U350.

-4 votes

Its because it only keeps the alarm enabled if you havent checked your phone for a certain amount of time before the alarm was set to go off. i guess they figure if youre already looking at your phone, youre checking the time automatically and dont need an alarm. its stupid.

LAA  picture LAA

-2 votes My husband & I just got this

My husband & I just got this phone,
We needed a simple phone we do not text or anything when we went to Verizon they suggested this phone. One of the functions that we both need is a highly reliable alarm clock. I had noticed mine did not go off a few times...Brought it back to verison of course the phone alarm went off while we were at Verizon. That was about 2 weeks ago and we are going back this weekend and demanding new phones with a working alarm in them (different brand/model)phone. What we could put together so far is if the phone is open the alarm will usually work....If you set the alarm on the hour 12:00,1:00,2:00,3:00 and so on any time ending in 00 the alarm does not work if you set it for any other time it goes off at least from what we can see as of right now....

allyson picture allyson

-3 votes

This is so true! Nothing ever works for the alarm at a time ending in :00

taylor picture taylor

-2 votes


Hey I was wondering what kind of instant messanger it had on board?

Nath picture Nath

-3 votes


My wife and I have this phone. The alarm frustrates me. I need a cellphone alarm very much. My wife too has this phone and the same alarm problem. Though I am satisfied with the rest of the features, this alarm issue ruins this phone for me.

9625784 picture 9625784

-3 votes


Beware: The alarm doesn't work on this model. I returned one phone because the alarm didn't work and I'm now having the exact same problem with the second phone.

dump picture dump

-5 votes


need IM and a html browser


-1 votes


Fujisan picture Fujisan

-1 votes

The alarm on this phone does not work. When I test to set the alarm a few minutes after the time I previously set, it works. So I really can't explain when the alarm does or does not work. It is not reliable is my words for it. Anybody knows how to fix this problem?


-1 votes


the hollies
can pick sing on cd but cell phone
samsung sch u350
from kathy ford
write back to me
have a phone number

Fracisco picture Fracisco

1 vote

I forgot my 4 digit pass code for my cell phone!! how can i unlock it again! thank you very much! it is smart phone from belize!

Julian picture Julian

0 vote


I have a samsung sch -350 phone and i forgot my password what can I do to reset it

rizuan picture rizuan

0 vote

this phone sucks! i dun even knw the price
wtf is the price for this phone????
bodoh betul la korang sumer....


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