Sony Ericsson Xperia 10: How to Syn with Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

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Sony Ericsson Xperia 10
  • 1From the Home screen, tap the applications bar > Moxier Mail.
  • 2 Tap > to start the email set up.
  • 3 Tap the Email text bar to enter your email.
  • 4 Tap Next and enter your user ID.
  • 5 Tap Next and enter your password.
  • 6 Tap Done.
  • 7 Tap > to start verifying account.
  • 8 If needed, tap OK to provide detailed server information.
  • 9 Tap the Domain text bar to add domain.
  • 10 Tap Next and enter server.
  • 11 Tap > to continue verifying your account.
  • 12 When verified, you will be redirected to Moxier Sync to set your synchronisation options.
  • 13 To change account settings, tap the icon next to Account.
  • 14 To set synchronisation, tap the icon next to Profile. Tap the drop-down-list to select synchronisation mode, then tap Save.
  • 15 In the Sync options list, mark the check boxes for preferred synchronisation items.
  • 16 Tap the icon next to the synchronisation item to change settings, such as change ringtone for notification.
  • 17 To start synchronising, press the Menu key and tap Sync now, if not using direct push mode.
  • 18 To go to your Inbox, press the Back key to exit the Moxier Sync application. From the Home screen, tap the applications bar > Moxier Mail.

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